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Back To School

I can't believe it is time to get back to school. The summer just flew by. Will started school on Monday, and Madison starts tomorrow.  We just made a few tweaks the last week or so to get the kids ready for school.  The first thing I did was take the kids in for doctors appointments and eye doctor appointments.  It is very good that I did that because that's how we found out Will needed glasses!  We also picked up new clothes for school (or for Madison – uniforms).  We made sure everybody's shoes fit — Madison went from a 13 to a 2 (aff).5 in gym shoes!!!!  Her dress shoes I had to buy with about 1 month left of school, so thankfully they still fit.  We've also moved their bedtimes earlier and have gotten them up earlier in the morning.  Another thing is school supplies.  I luck out that I can order them right from Madison's school in May, and we picked them up 2 (aff) weeks ago at Book Bill Day.  However, for those other things you need (like emergency contact cards, allergy cards, play date cards, academic planners, etc), you can check out Tiny Prints.  They have such great quality items, and I've loved everything I've ever ordered from there.

How do you plan for back to school time?  Any tips you'd like to share?

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  1. Aww, I used to love going back to school! Those were the days. New outfits, a new backpack, and lots of school supplies – which I still love. No glasses for me, though, even though my parents were *convinced* I'd need them by junior high!


  2. My kids still have a week of vacation left! Then they are back to school. I'm not sure who's more excited, me, my wife or my kids! I don't know where the time has gone this summer, but it has just been an eventful summer!

  3. Oh My, I wish I could order all the stuff I needed directly from my son's school. He needs so much stuff this year, we are scrambling to get it all together in time. He's outgrowing his shoes and jeans like crazy now too.

  4. Pro-tip!!! Prices normally drop for back-to-school items… about a week or so, most of the time the clearance section at stores like Staples or Office Depot get overpacked with great deals (notebooks, pencils, etc.) for cheap… so I stack up on clearance stuff. Literally buy a basketload of pens and such for less than $15 that last me and my kids a while.

    Also, kids will need to start printing stuff again. Amazon 3rd parties for cheap ink is always awesome!!

  5. Going back to school again.. I think I'm much more excited than my son going to school again. All school things needed, from uniform, shoes and school supplies, I always buy it in the mall 2 weeks before the school starts.

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