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Back To School

It is hard to believe that it's almost time for school, but we are looking at around month away!  I have a couple of high school graduation parties to still attend, and it is always fun to give my college advice.  It wasn't that long ago Bill and I were in college.  I remember Bill eating ramen noodles to save money (ewwwww is all I have to say).  However, noodles are cheap.  Any kind of noodles will work too.  Another way to save money is buy thing like fruit and snacks on your meal plan and bring them to your room.  It's much cheaper than eating out of vending machines.  Another way to save money is to bring your laundry home.  It's much cheaper to do it there!

With all that being said, a great gift for a college bound student has to be gift cards.  The Sears Reloadable Gift Cards are the perfect gift.  You can get them in your local Sears and Kmart stores.  Once in school, if you want, you can reload it online.  This allows you to watch what they are spending and giving them some money to help with their home away from home.

Sears has a great campaign called Sears CampusReady to make sure you are ready for college. There are tips, advice on how to make the best with the amount of space you have in your dorm room, and even a checklist. There is even a CampusReady on Facebook that is really easy to use!   This is great way to make sure your student has everything they need!  Giftcards, checklist, supplies — what more could you ask for?

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