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We are back from Green Bay. I feel refreshed. I also need to clarify some things I have said previously on here. My hubby is a pain in the butt for not going to my support group with me, but I understand why he does not want to do. Also, I didn't clarify very well when I said I feel misunderstood. What I meant was that some of my friends and family ignore the situation and pretend like it didn't happen. What I wrote did not come out that way.

I am in a place now that I think I may be able to move on. I had one of my sister's friends congratulate me on my pregnancy and I didn't completely fall apart. I explained what happened and then she felt bad. I had another one of my friends ask when we were having another baby. And I think I handled that well too. It's hard. It sucks. But I am slowly but surely moving on.

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