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Backyard Safari

My kids and I are huge fans of the Backyard Safari product line.  These are great quality products that stand the test of time.  We have several of these products from years past and they still are getting played with!

This is the 3-in-1 compass.  It is a working compass that your kids can use for easy orienting.  There is also a flip-up magnifier lens that allows examination of interesting objects.  There is also a bright LED signal light that provides illumination and you are able to use morse code with it.  The compass hangs on a retractable 24-inch cord with a carabiner clip for quick access.

Both kids (4 and 7) were able to play with it.  (Grandma even got into the act too!)  This is a must have for any adventure you may have!

Another great piece of gear is the hiking stick.  It is indispensable on the hiking trail (or in the backyard). It has a unique hand-carved look on a sturdy natural looking walking stick that is a stout 48” tall (which as you can tell is taller than my son). Not only does it help you keep a steady foot on the trail, it is useful for poking and prodding those hard-to-reach places. It comes with a collectible Expedition Two iron-on patch and the Expedition Two Pop-Up Field Guide which features special missions.

This is Will's Base Camp Shelter with a camouflage blanket thrown over the top (and its inside due to the incredible amount of rain we've had).  When not using it indoors you can blend in with the natural environment, make a sun shade, erect a shelter, or create a blind to stay hidden while you observe nature.  It is stretchable and made of sturdy rip-stop nylon.  It will also stand up to wet weather.  The shelter is lightweight and easy to assemble (It took Bill less than 10 minutes to set up with Will's help.)  It also features storage spaces for all your Essential Field Gears.  It is also over 40 inches tall!

As you can see, Backyard Safari is a huge hit in my house.  If you are looking for some great outdoor (or even indoor) toys, take a look at Backyard Safari!

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