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Backyard Safari Outfitters

I've often written about how Madison is my not-so-girly girl. One of her favorite things is bugs. Yes, bugs. This is a kid who can catch fireflies in her sleep and has even caught a mosquito by its wings! She's petting inchworms and had butterflies land on her. She is the bug whisperer.

That being said — you have to know that she loves to play outside and loves the toys that come with it.  That is why we love Backyard Safari Outfitters.

If you have a little explorer like me, Backyard Safari Outfitters will be your best friend.  They have a lot of great products that your kids will over.  My kids love their products.  Here are just a few of them:

First, we have the Backyard Safari Cargo Vest. It has six D-Rings and two shoulder epaulets let you clip and hang more essential gear (and trust me, everything becomes essential). There are plenty of pockets in this for your binoculars and your popup field guides. The vest even has an adjustable strap so it'll fit both your 3 (aff) yr old and your 6 yr old (well, at least that's how it worked for me).

Next, there is the Backyard Safari Megaview Periscope. It is a little big, but the kids love to play with it. You can use it to look over fences, and it is even waterproof! It's perfect for the pool!  The telescope (aff) reaches over 4 ft high, so there is nothing your kids won't see.

The Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum has to be my kids favorite of all the Backyard Safari toys.  I can't tell you how many gross creepy crawlies that my kids have caught (I'm not really a bug person, can you tell?).  The vacuum on this is pretty strong and will pick up bugs of almost every size!  I was impressed, because we've owned bug vacuums before that never lived up to the hype.  This one does!  It allows them to be far enough away not to scare the bugs they are trying to catch too.

I'm a huge fan of Backyard Safari Outfitters.  They have so many great products for my kids (and your kids too!).  I highly recommend their products and you can follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.  We took all of these products camping with us.  Not only were they a big hit with my kids, the other kids loved them too (and the vest works as a great fishing vest too!)  Happy playing!

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