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Bad Luck Go Away

My family and I have had a tough time this year.  First, my aunt died in June (she was in her late 50's).  Then my uncle died (he was in his 80's).  Now, my cousin, who was only 55, just died of ovarian cancer.  it is crazy.  It sucks being four hours away, because I tend to miss out on these kind of events.  I feel extremely guilty that I could not make the wake or the general.  I have to take into account disrupting my two children schedules, my schedule, arranging babysitting, and sometimes it is just too hard.  I keep telling my mom we have had our three times of bad luck, so we are done for the year.  I hope I am right.  We deserve a break, so we can sit on a modern sofa and just enjoy life.  It really puts your life into perspective and realize how good we all really have it.

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