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Bad Morning

I know there are a ton of people out there who think a stay at home (aff) moms life is simple and easy.  I wish.  Here's a snapshot of my morning —

First, Bill overslept by a lot (like over an hour) and he has a meeting this morning.  We are in the process of potty training Madison overnight, and she had an accident.  Will also woke up and wanted to fed at that moment.  I have 2 (aff) crying kids and a pissed off husband.  It was great.  Here's everything that had to be done:

1.  Get Bill out the door.

2 (aff).  Get Madison naked and throw her in the tub.  I also had to wash her hair.

3.  Rip all the bedding off Madison's bed and throw it in the washing machine.

4.  Flip my laundry so I can do #4

5.  Load the dishwasher (aff), because I am almost out of nipples.

6.  Make Will his bottle

7.  Make Will his cereal

8.  Check on Madison to make sure she is still doing okay.

9.   Grab Will and feed him.

That was about 15 minutes of my life this morning.  Why is this job unpaid again?

2 thoughts on “Bad Morning

  1. Unfortunately, it's unpaid because the world knows we're going to do it regardless of whether we receive fame, honor, glory, respect or an income.

    I don't miss the potty-training, bottle-feeding days. But if it's any consolation: it does, indeed, get easier.

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