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Ball Pit

You know, it is amazing what you find when you are cleaning out your basement.  (Its even more amazing when you actually talk your husband into throwing some of the stuff away!).  One of the things Madison found was a ball pit that we had when she was little.  We had it deflated, but she found it.  She begged Bill to blow it up again, and since Madison has him wrapped around his little finger, he did.  Here are few pictures from the fun times yesterday

5 thoughts on “Ball Pit

  1. Oh how fun to have your own ball pit! That was always my favorite thing at Chuck E Cheese when I was a kid. I'm jealous. 😉

    x despair

  2. Oh goodness! I would have done anything for my own ball pit when I was little! You used to have to DRAG me out of the McDonald's or Chuck. E. Cheese ones when I was that age!

  3. That is so adorable!

    I didn't know they made those things for home use, lol. I used to work at Chuck E. Cheese in Philadelphia, and one of my jobs was hosing down the balls every night…. I'm sure you know why… :-p

  4. I need some ideas on how to clean them. I am the assistant director of children services at a local health and fitness center and We have a huge, in ground ball pit and it is very difficult to clean.

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