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Banana Shpeel

For me, any show that is called Banana Shpeel is something I'd love to win tickets to go and see.  I love the fact that this show looks extremely fun and extremely playful and super funny.  Check out this video for a little background information on this show:

I love how the clowns look. They aren't your normal run of the mill clowns which draws me in.  This whole show reminds me of an event that took place at Izeafest last year —

2852489316_284baaedf8_tThis is how we spent most of Izeafest. Except, I kept getting stuck driving. If you know me, that is not a good thing. It's not that I am a bad driver, I just have no sense of direction. At all.  Heather and Christine will remember a fun trip home after one of the events.  Since I didn't drink that night, I was the sober driver for the evening.  Now, the event was held in downtown Orlando.  Our hotel wasn't there (it was cheaper at this other place).  This should be pretty easy because it was a straight shot there, right?

Well, if you have never been in downtown Orlando, everything is seriously one way.  If you have no sense of direction, you are screwed.  We kept using this Marriott hotel as our point of reference, and all we could figure out to do was drive around the stupid thing.  We could never even figure out how to get close to it.  The worst was when we ended up what looked like it could have been a pretty bad neighborhood.  We ended up stopping at mall and asking the security for directions.  So picture this, three lost women at 1 am in the morning in completely the wrong city and two of them had been drinking all evening.  Needless to say, it was not a pretty picture.  🙂  We did get back in once piece.  Sort of.  Since this was a rental car, I had no idea how to use it.  We thought we locked it and turned the lights off.  Well, we didn't.  If Heather's daughter wouldn't have noticed when she returned to the hotel after us, we would have had a dead battery or an ax murderer in the backseat!

Now, the Banana Shpeel show should be way better than my crazy driving experience in Orlando.  (This year we stayed nice and close and cabbed it everywhere).  It's a comedy show with tap, hip hop, eccentric dance and slapstick, all linked by a hilarious narrative that ignites a succession of wacky adventures.  With the economy in dump, this is just the show most of need to forget our problems and enjoy ourselves (even if its only for a couple of hours).  I'm super excited that it's coming here to Chicago!  Tell me you don't want to see this show after seeing this:

It just looks like a super fun time, and I hope I'll get a chance to see it while they are here in Chicago!

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  1. That's what I love about Cirque du Soleil – they always have something fresh, new, and – yes – different. I will be going for sure.

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