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Looking for a great game to play anywhere? Then Bananagrams is for you! Bananagrams is for all ages – 7 – 97. The game is fairly simple — you place all the tiles in the banana (yes, you store the game in a banana!) face down. You then divide up the tiles (11-21) depending on how many people are playing (you can play with as few or as many as you'd like). Each person then creates their own crossword puzzle. When you run out of tiles, you shout out “peel” and take another tile. All the other players also take a tile. If you have a super hard letter to use, you say “dump” and can return it to the pile.  However, you have to draw 3 tiles in its place!  Once all the letters are gone, you shout “bananas” and win!

What I love about this game is that it is so easy to travel with.  I can easily throw it into my purse, and you can easily play this while traveling.  You can also easily modify it depending on the ages of your players, the number of players, and where you are playing.  Most of all, we love it because it is fun.

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