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Banned Superbowl Ads

I swear that sometimes the banned ads are better than some of the actual ads that are shown.  Go Daddy has made it a running joke in their ads about how hard it is to get one of their ads through.  That being said, here are some ads what where turned down this year:

Go Daddy


ManCrunch (this is the gay ad you've heard about)

This last one is from 2008, but it is super funny (and maybe even PG rated)

What do you think of these ads?

8 thoughts on “Banned Superbowl Ads

  1. Call me cynical, but I'm beginning to suspect that getting banned is part of a marketing strategy. It always sends pageviews on GoDaddy's site skyrocketing the day after the Super Bowl. The only thing that surprises me is that less-edgy companies such as Frito Lay are jumping on the tactic.

  2. I like the Godaddy commercial great scenery lol, and funny to boot they should of let it run on Super bowl Sunday.

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