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Barbie A Rare Beauty

Filled with vivid photos and vintage Barbie dolls, Barbie A Rare Beauty is a must see book.  This book includes many never-before-seen items.  It is a guide to Barbie's first 50 years.  I'll be honest — I had  no idea that Barbie had such a rich history.  I truly enjoyed this book.  It brought me back to being a kid (and yes, all my Barbies were opened and played with.  Who knew that some Barbies in their original packaging could bring in $25,000!)

According to Mattel, three Barbies are sold every second which goes to show how ageless this so called “toy” is.  I had Barbies and my daughter has Barbies too.  However, it was really great to learn the history behind such an ageless doll, and to see all the accessories (and the old Ken dolls too!).  I definitely recommend picking up this book if you have Barbie in your home (aff)!

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