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Basement Addition?

Well, we have a guy coming tomorrow to get an estimate on fixing the floor in the basement. Actually, we have been told by three companies that we have no drainage tile, so I know that's what they are going to tell us. We are having the company that gave us the lowest estimate 2 (aff) years ago come again to see how much the price has went up. They are coming tomorrow night. If we fix the floor, we can actually finish off the basement, so this is our project for this year. The only thing I really worry about is where we are going to put all the stuff we have in basement while this is going on. We have boxes full of stuff, a bed, furniture, etc. As you can tell, a lot of stuff. I have a feeling I am going to have to give up my garage space for a while. If we finish off the basement, it will give up an addition 500 sq ft of livable space (which we desperately need!) Plus, I am hoping to add another bathroom, since we currently only have one. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this estimate comes in low, so we can get going on this.

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2 thoughts on “Basement Addition?

  1. Oh wow, sounds like you have a big job ahead of you! Good luck. My family has never owned their own house, so we haven't had to deal with stuff like that, but we're looking to buy soon–so I'm sure I'll empathize in the future!

  2. You should take the second highest bid it's not the cheapest idea but you will have higher quality that equals less stress in the future after you have all your stuff down there the last thing you want is water everywhere.

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