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Basement and Heaters

My sister and her husband are coming down in January for Madison's birthday with her friend Brenda which is great. However, I have one small little problem. What is that? I don't have enough room for everyone to sleep upstairs. I do have a full basement which they all slept in last time time they all were down here. However, that was in the middle of summer. This is in the middle of winter, so it will be really cold down there. I have one floor heater already, but I am not sure if that will heat the basement enough to keep them warm. I am considering possibly investing in some gas wall heaters to keep them warm. Something like this:

Plus, it would make the basement more inviting for us to use in the winter. Right now, it is too chilly to even bring the kids down. How do you heat your basement?

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  1. Yup maybe it would be better if you will have a gas heater. You will not only use it for once, but you can use it every time you are cold.

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