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Bathroom Vanities

We have remodeled one bathroom and completed designed the one downstairs. When we did so, we were in the market for a bathroom sink vanity. There are so many choices out there from contemporary bathroom vanities to double vanities. In the upstairs, we went with a a single sink vanity with a custom made granite sink. It looks awesome.  Bill is actually the one who picked it out — I would have been okay with a cheap sink.  However, I know when we go to resell our home, that will definitely be a piece that is noticed.  When people come to my house, they often mention how nice our sink and vanity are.  Downstairs, since it is such a small bathroom, we went with a very simple contemporary vanity that is very kid friendly.  However, I just came across a site called Bathroom Vanities that we should have taken a look at during these remodel projects.  They offer free shipping and are pretty competitive on their pricing.

They have some really cool vanities to pick from like this one:

Granted, with two little ones, that would not work for me, but it is cool looking.  Do not like that?  Then they 150 different kinds of bathroom vanities and linen cabinets.  Something that is a tad more kid friendly would be something like this:

Still very classy yet somewhat contemporary.  Wouldn't you like something like this in your house?  I know I do (however,  my bathroom is way too small for this).  However, this would fit, I think:

Small, yet very pretty.  It will still a talking point too for your house!  The next time we are in the market for a sink vanity, I know one place we will defintely be checking out:  Bathroom Vanities.  How about you?  Which ones do you like?

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