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Be Mindful, Be Patient, Be Careful

In this holiday weekend, those are three things to remember. I had some crazy events happy this week that really cemented these three things also.

The other morning I dropped Madison off at school (which I do every morning). It was storming pretty bad. I was waiting to turn right at the traffic lights (where there is a no turn on red sign). The light turned green. However, that is when something different happened. Instead of waiting on the corner (which is what they are suppose to do), the kindergartener started crossing the street right in front of me. The crossing guard started yelling at her which made her freeze where she was (still not a great situation because now she was standing in the middle of the road). The crossing guard finally got her across the street. It was pretty scary just because it happened so quickly, and I know how bad it could have been. Since it was storming, I personally was taking it extra slow and I was paying even more attention to my surroundings. I saw immediately that she was going to cross the street even though I had the green. It could have ended very very badly — I just was the right place, at the right time, and paying attention.

Another thing I've learned this week (I've actually known this) is to work together. When Bill works crazy hours, I'll be honest, we butt heads sometimes (and I swear it has nothing to do with me being stubborn). The last couple of weeks though we have been making a point to work as a team helping one another instead of doing things ourselves and being resentful. It's amazing how much more harmonious life can be when you aren't working against someone be it when you are putting together cheap bunk beds for kids or loading the dishwasher (aff).  We even were able to work together getting the yard ready for Will's birthday party next weekend (though every year it rains, so I don't know we are bothering.  LOL  It's like putting together a bunk bed with futon in one of my kids room.  Something we don't need but could come in handy).

Most importantly, be safe this weekend.  Holiday weekends for some reason brings out the stupid in people.  They do things they normally wouldn't do like buying a bunk bed mattress when you have a twin bed or drinking and driving.  I just hear on the news here in Chicago about all the accidents and stuff, and I'd love to see all that bad stuff not happen.

How was your week?  What are your holiday plans?


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