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Believe and Win $25!

This giveaway is now over.  The winner is Jessica!  Congrats!

This holiday season, Macy’s BELIEVE campaign builds on the great success of last year’s holiday effort to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation®.  Due to my cousin having taken part in the Make-A-Wish Foundation (she had a wish granted), I personally am a huge supporter of it.  This year,  Macy’s is adding to the spirit of “Believe” with a national Santa Tour, an honorary National Believe Day, a “Yes, Virginia” animated special, and a new TV commercial featuring Queen Latifah.  If you haven't seen it yet, here's the commercial:

On Friday, December 11th, Macy’s will celebrate the first National Believe Day to recognize and reward acts of kindness and generosity from coast to coast. Also that day, CBS will premiere a new original animated special called, “Yes, Virginia.”  at 8 p.m. ET.

How can you win a $25 gift card?  I want to know what acts of kindness you are participating in this holiday season.  Let me know if it's something you are doing now or something you plan on doing (like serving Christmas dinner for homeless).

Each of these gives you one additional entry:

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Win $25 gift card from @blm03 and Macy's!   Enter here:  http://mythoughtsideasandramblings.com/2009/12/06/believe-and-win-25/

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This contest will end at December 16th at noon CST! Good Luck!


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365 thoughts on “Believe and Win $25!

  1. While doing my shopping, I picked up some stuff for a family in my neighborhood. Their money situation isn't good, so I bought the kids some clothes & toys, and left them on their front porch with a card wishing them a Merry Christmas, and telling them that things will get better and to hang in there.

    I will most likely do that for another family in the neighborhood who are in a similar situation.

  2. I've been donating clothes to Salvation Army and Goodwill… I donated a few winter vests, sweaters, etc since its getting fairly cold here in New England. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  3. Every year, my sister and I participate in a mall charity tradition where we randomly pick a tag off of a tree and shop for the person on the tag. I'm also going to help my sister participate in her job's charity giveaway, where lower income families come to pick out donated gifts for their children.

  4. i used to work with an older lady who has no friends, and now she's retired. she loves to garden and she love Mickey Mouse.

    every year i buy a few things for her. and when i drop it off her face lights up and she tells everyone her friend brought her a christmas present.

    i know it's not much. but…

    Merry Christmas

  5. I play and teach piano for a living and I will be accompanying a number of choirs as we visit our town's nursing homes.

  6. We are adopting a needy family, which is a yearly tradition. We buy gifts off their wish lists and provide a gift card so they can buy a nice holiday dinner.

  7. We cleaned out our closets and gave coats to a coat drive. We cleaned out the toy room and gave toys to Goodwill and a charity toy auction. I also went through my storage room and sorted through some toys I'd gotten on sale during the year and donated them to the toy giveaway at the food pantry and wrote them a nice check to go with it.

  8. I'll be doing dinner service for the community this holiday. And I'm also doing weekly donation to our food pantry.

  9. Each year we donate to our local Salvation Army, plus give clothing to local shelters. I also donate to great causes. I love helping, especially around the holidays, it really can change someone's life. Thanks!

  10. i adopted three children from our local childrens shelter (for abused children) and am getting everything on their christmas list… the best part is one boy asked for guitar hero and i know if it was anyone else they wouldnt get it because of the price, we splurged on ihm so i can't wait to hear about his reaction!

  11. I've already donated some toys to toy drives but every year my family serves christmas dinner at a citywide christmas event for all of the less fortunate. It's a family tradition.

  12. I have already done an act of kindness by giving a tv to an older lady that lives upstairs who would get alot of use out of it!

  13. Our Church is sponsering donations of wrapped presents for homeless families, an organization with under privleged moms and also another shelter in our County!

    Since homelessness is on the rise, i think it's great that we get to reach out to someone closeby.

    I bought my gifts yesterday and i already feel great.

  14. Will most likely do the same thing for Christmas as we did for Thanksgiving–assist in delivering meals to homes, working out of the church.

  15. I buy a bag of prepackaged groceries that is then donated at check out time, every time I go to the store during the month of November and December


  16. I donated color books, children's apron/chef hats sets & gloves to the stocking project at work. We provide filled stockings to disadvantaged children.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  17. My husband and I donate toys to 4 different groups, childrens books to 2, coats to 1, and put money in the Salvation Army kettles every time we pass one.

  18. I volunteer at our local animal shelter. I walk dogs there so that they can get out and have some exercise. I love it!

  19. Our faculty is taking donations over to our local Aid house to spread some cheer and give the patients there some much need person and luxury items..

  20. We donate food to our local food pantry, donate toys for the local Toys for Tots drive, and we donate money to our local animal shelter (where we adopted our 2 wonderful, yet wacky, dogs)

  21. This year after I finished shopping I had a little extra Christmas money left over, so I bought 5 different toys and dropped them of the toys for tots box at my local quick trip. I have to admit that if felt better to do that than it did to buy presents for family. Kinda weird to me. I plan on doing it every year from here on out.

  22. Besides donations to a food pantry in the area, we're helping out a family with a local group – buying household supplies, toys and clothes for the kids. This feels more personal since we know about the family and their needs.

  23. Stumbled and tweeted! I try to volunteer year round at our local museum and have volunteered to drive for the delivery of the Lion's Christmas hampers this year 🙂

  24. I work with the developmentally disabled population every day, and I give blood regularly. I hope that counts! I usually give to charities at this time of year but don't have any extra money myself this season.

  25. I've put gifts under the giving tree at my local grocery store for needy children and donated gifts and supplies to the adopt-a-family program at my daughter's school.

  26. This year we thought we would make a huge offering by giving out over 100 candy filled stocking to the children in low-income areas that our church is doing a toy drive for. We thought, they get a toy and a candy filled stocking, since last year when we delivered we noticed no one had any decorations. A stocking is a good start. Well, we found out this week that so many people are hurting this year that the toy drive was failing miserably. They had about 10 toys for about 110 kids. So we decided each stocking would still get accompanied by a toy. We went to the dollar store and bought over 100 toys to go with the 100 stockings, so the kids would have things for Christmas. BTW, no one but our church's staff knows that we are doing this. We don't want to be boastful about it, or make the church members feel bad for not coming up with enough toys. So the Christmas will be great at our church as well as for young children that need it in our area. And my heart is swelling (along with my watery eyes-sniff).

  27. I volunteer by helping to mod some recycling groups, things I can do from home since I have a breathing disability and I don't get out much

  28. This Christmas I will be joining my church group to go caroling and to deliver baskets of gifts to elderly shut-ins in our community, and I also plan to volunteer some time with the local Meals on Wheels program while I'm on break from school. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. We take the names of several needy children at a nearby Children's Home and try to give them the presents that they deserve. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  30. We used to take the names of needy children..but this year we did something differently, and did the Silver Bells, and picked up things for an elderly man and an elderly woman that needed them.

  31. 😈 I am doing acts of kindness. Our church does projects throughout the year. We collect coats, we have a clothes closet and a food pantry. We collect food for Christmas. We have a church dinner for the less fortunate. We visit senior citizens centers. we work with our locla department of children's services to collect and distribute toys.

  32. I voluntered at my daughter's school during the Holiday's when they are busy with Christmas productions. And we baked cookies for soldiers. It was a charity drive on at our base.

  33. I don't have any acts of kindness 'scheduled' but everywhere I go I try to do kind things for people like helping them with their walkers, or bags. I do this on an everyday basis. A few days ago I helped push a girl's car out of the McDonald's drive thru when it wouldn't start.

  34. just donated items to a shelter for homeless people, donate to animal shelter, shop and help a shut-in, volunteere to run a bingo for seniors at a senior building, help with meals on wheels, donate bakeed goods for seniors.

  35. I plan on giving a couple new toys to the Christmas fund rive held at the local newspaper for the kids at Christmas.


  36. We have adopted a family and have collected over $1000 to make their Christmas and their lives a little better.

    priscilla (dot) a (dot) escobar (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. Every year, my sister and I participate in a mall charity tradition where we randomly pick a tag off of a tree and shop for the person on the tag. I’m also going to help my sister participate in her job’s charity giveaway, where lower income families come to pick out donated gifts for their children.

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