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BeyBlade: Metal Fusion Vol. 4

BeyBlade: Metal Fusion chronicles the epic (aff) battle with the Dark Nebula.  This story is about the brave who stand against evil.  Gingka and his loyal fans prevent sinister forces from conquering the world.  On this DVD, there are 7 exciting episodes:

  • The Fearsome Libra
  • The Road to The Battle Bladers
  • The Beautiful Eagle
  • The Sniper, Capricorn
  • Tsubasa Flies into the Dark
  • Intruders in the Challenge Match!
  • Dark Gasher's Big, Crabby-Crabby Operation
In the episodes, we follow Gingka and his friends as they battle each other for a chance to compete in the greatest battle ever.  We meet Tsubasa who teaches Gingka some new tricks.  However, it is enough to be named the #1 Beyblader of all time?

The BeyBlade:  Metal Fusion Vol. 4 DVD also includes an exclusive code.  This code unlocks special features including the ability to battle other Beybladers on Beybladebattles.com.  (I know, how cool is that!?!)

BeyBlade:  Metal Fusion Vol. 4 is a must get DVD for BeyBlade fans!

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