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Big Decisions To Be Made

We decided to join a new church here.  We haven't 100% decided to send Madison to private school yet (we have a school referendum on Nov. 4th.  If that passes, it solves all of my issues with the public school.  However, after watching the debates of Friday night, that may not hold true either.  If McSame, I mean McCain, wins he proposed a spending freeze.  In theory, that sounds great.  However, the schools don't have enough money for No Child Left Behind as is.  If they keep the amount frozen (aff), that means even less money going towards the kids.)  The church we joined is a part of hte private school we are looking at.  It is a very cool looking church, and we have been there before.  Bill's friend got married there and his daughter will be baptized there this weekend.  We also started working on her tuition.  They have a program called VOICE.  That has you buy gift certificates from them for stores like Speedway, Kohls, Jiffy Lube, Walgreens, etc. to name a few.  A percentage of the purchase amount goes towards the school.  Madison has to raise $150 with that.  With the certificates I bought on Sunday, we are up $17.  Woohoo!  The cool thing is that everything we earn over the $150 gets taken off her tuition.  If we don't end up sending her there, I just figure that money will go towards another family who can use it.  I just think that is super cool that we can start earning towards this now already! So, if anyone needs gift certificates come Christmas time, let me know!

I'll be honest, this school decision makes me sick.  I get a stomach ache every time I have to think about it.   I would rather have to use a colon cleanser than have to make this decision. Public schools are suppose to be good. I shouldn't have to worry about the class sizes or if subjects like music and art are being taught.  I just always assumed that my kids would be able to have the same education I have.

**okay, whine over.  I think**  🙂

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5 thoughts on “Big Decisions To Be Made

  1. congrats on joining the new church. i pray it meets all your spiritual needs. as far as school, you just wrote a lot of the reasons that i am homeschooling. other than the main factor that i believe God lead me to do this with my son, there are so many other reasons I would be doing it even if I wasn't Christian.

  2. I am guessing that is a Catholic private school, are religious private schools cheaper than other private schools? I know several people who's children go to Catholic schools and they really like them, even people who aren't even Catholic.

    I think we should have a choice in which schools to send our children to. That way the public schools will improve to compete for students.

  3. @Suni It was weird — once I decided to join the church and start setting everything in motion, I now feel calm. I am guessing that means I made the right decision. :mrgreen:

  4. @Melissa The only schools in my area are Catholic. However, we are catholic so that isn't a big deal for us.

    I wish there was a choice where to send our kids too. However, I don't ever think that will be coming anytime soon.

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