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Bill’s knee

Every couple years, Bill's knee goes out on him.  The last time it happened we were at his brother's wedding.  It has happened again.  This time it happened at my family reunion while he was batting playing baseball.  According to him, his knee sounded like all of your fingers cracking at once when he popped it.  It is been in pain since.  I keep telling him that I think he needs to go to the doctor.  Since I know nothing about knees, I thought I'd ask all of you.

Does this sound serious?  He is worried about needing surgery on it, so he is not real keen on going to get it looked at.  I am concerned and think he should go to the doctor.

4 thoughts on “Bill’s knee

  1. His knee popped right back in. It currently is happening about every 3 years. Being that he is overweight, I am afraid it is going to happen more often.

  2. When I was a teen, my left knee used to pop out all the time. Like make that god awful sound, and then actually dislocate the kneecap.
    I would have to lay down, relax my leg as much as possible, which was very hard to do because it was pulling all the tendons and muscles tight being dislocated, and then have someone pull on my leg to get it to go back in.
    It would hurt for a few days to a week, then be ok.

    If it happens a lot, like more than once every couple of months, I would get it looked at. He may have some damage to the tendons and all the subsequent dislocations may have caused damage to the cartilage.

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