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Birthday Party

Madison is invited to her first birthday party tomorrow.  It is for the twin girls who live across the street from me.  They are turning 5.  How do I know if I am suppose to stay for this party or if I am suppose to go home for the 2 hours it is happening?

Also, I think my gift may be a little cheesy.  I got the girls Cabbage Patch Kids twins.  They each got their own set of twins.  Is that cool or cheesy?

2 thoughts on “Birthday Party

  1. We threw a kindergarten Halloween party when my oldest was 5. We had parents show up, drop off, and leave! I think for 5 year olds, you typically need to stay, especially if you don't know the parents. (And these parents didn't know us!)

    That said, since you live across the street and just had a baby, I would head over with the intention of staying and then wait to see what the other moms do, or maybe the birthday mom will insist you go home.

  2. I am going to watch for when the other neighbor goes with her daughter and head over there then. I'll take her lead. 🙂

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