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Black Friday Shopping Part II

I forgot to add that yes I did get what I actually went to Best Buy for. I wanted a TomTom ONE GPS Vehicle Navigator. Granted, I probably should have wore some volcom clothing to keep warm, it still was worth it. I ended up getting the unit for $100 less than regular price.   The rest of my shopping day wasn't as highly exciting.  I think I went to Lane Bryant, Old Navy, Younkers, Target, Shopko, Kohls, etc.  I got the majority of my Christmas shopping done now though.  I have a few odds and ends to do and then I will be done.  Yeah!

6 thoughts on “Black Friday Shopping Part II

  1. I got all my Christmas shopping done except for my dad who wont tell me what he wants, and one of my nephews, who is getting clothes and books. then unless I twist the arms of all my coworkers, something for my boss. But I only went to one store on Friday, and 3 on Saturday. I did the rest of my shopping online, and half of it has already shipped! Woohoo! I called my mom yesterday just to tell her that I was holding her present. hehe

  2. I went to bestbuy in hopes of getting a GPS system as well, but they were long gone. How long did u have to wait in line for in the cold? 4 or 5 hours? And it was just to save $100 bucks? or did u get other deals too? I wouldnt mind doing what you did, but only if it was guaranteed that i would save the money. I dont do it, however, because its a gamble and i could end up wasting all that time.

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