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I have been getting emails lately asking me why I am not blogging as much. Well, I think it is because I am feeling slightly burnt out.  I like to spend the weekends with my family.  Also, it isn't like I can get some Raleigh personal injury attorneys to sue for me in case I get carpal tunnel from all the typing that I do.  Bill's work schedule varies from week to week.  If I am here with both kids by myself, it is really hard to blog until night.  Then, at night, I want to go to bed when they do.  Plus, I usually have a ton of housework catch up on.

I know you are asking why I am blogging now.  Everybody is taking a nap except for me.  🙂

One thought on “Blogging

  1. Hey there, found your Blog surfin' around on this rainy cold Sunday and thought I tell you that I totally understand your post. It is sooo hard to keep this up everyday. I am just starting and when you have kids around, they seem to take most of our time up. I only have one; I look up to you having to take care of more ! Whenever I have a break, I tend to sleep 🙂 XOXO

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