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Blogging Made Easier!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 PreferredEvery so often I come across a product, I know I must have. Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred is one of those products (though I am not picky, I'd even take the Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard). I know, you are asking yourself what Dragon Naturally Speaking is and why you need it.

Well, the first question you need to ask yourself is how fast do you type? Personally, I type pretty darn fast (over 70 wpm). However, what Dragon Naturally Speaking does for you is allows you to talk, and it types what you say. You do need to “say” the paragraph breaks and punctuation. However, you end up with typing 150 words per minute! Most people I know cannot type that fast! It makes it much easier to generate more content in less time too. I know when I am composing a post like this I am actually saying the words in my head anyway. However, my head works faster than my fingers. That is why I love this product. Do you do podcasts? You can use Dragon to convert your podcasts into a transcript that you can also post on your site! There are just so many uses that I can come up with for this. I know people who use this and absolutely loved it including the New York times (click here for the NY Times Review of DNS10). Some other uses include people with disabilities such as dyslexia and even people with carpal tunnel who can't type anymore. Heck, I've heard that John McCain doesn't use the computer due to his injuries suffered when he was a POW. This is would even be helpful for him!

If you would like to see this in action, watch the videos below:

Don't you want one of these to make your blogging easier?

2 thoughts on “Blogging Made Easier!

  1. I really wanted to try it out but I saw some reviews that didn't sound so good. Someday I'll spring for it, but I can just imagine the increased productivity….ahhh. 🙂

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