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Bluehost Update

I have many comments wondering what happened.  Well, I haven't posted what happened since I lost all access to the back end of my blogs.  You may have noticed that I haven't update — That's why!!!!  I found this as frustrating as when I was pregnant and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of acne!  Anybody who follows me on twitter knows I was in tears Thursday night.  That's how bad it got.  I had to leave for a wedding up in Green Bay on Friday (see previous post), so I spent my morning on the phone with them, and I still did not have access before I left.  I spent this afternoon on the phone with Bluehost again, and I am still having SQL errors!  I had a friend's husband offer to help, and I think we have solved most of the issues with this blog.  However, I am now getting errors on some of my other blogs now.  Soooo, I still haven't decided what exactly I should do.  I'm ready to pull my hair out.  I'll take any advice anyone has at this point!  Should I stay with Bluehost or should I begin looking elsewhere?  (oh and the ticket I submitted Wednesday still hasn't been answered!)

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  1. If they haven't gotten back to you by now I'd look else where.

    I use Lunarpages and I love it. Affordable and reliable, with lots of free software you can use too – which is very cool – I haven't had time to learn it all but looking forward to it. And I can have two blogs on one account no extra cost. Everything is backed up daily (I pay just a little extra each month for this – but it's worth it)

    Recently I had a problem with a script on a new blog (not live yet) – I had no clue – but evidently it was using 100% of the server! yikes! anyway – instead of shutting me down – Lunarpages disabled the script, called me and sent me an email that day – so I could have the person doing the blog setup fix it (I have no clue what a script is or what it does) – any way I was able to call Lunarpages that day and talk to a real person and I was not even shut down – the problem was fixed and all is well.

    From what I've read when other folks have hosting problems – this type of service is not typical – so I was very pleased at helpful they were and how easily the problem got resolved.

    I have a link in my right side bar to their site if you want to browse and check out all they have to offer.

    I'm not an expert on hosting services – so there may be better out there – but from first hand experience I feel confident recommending Lunarpages.

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