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Boca Beth

BocaBethBeginnerBackpack-BMadison is very much into learning Spanish, so checking out Boca Beth (aff) was right up our alley.   This program was created by a teacher, translated by native Spanish-speaking early childhood experts, and has been used successfully in preschools, public schools and homes for more than six years.  The video is a true bilingual presentation – meaning English is placed right alongside Spanish for an easy point of reference for both your children and you.  I love that they cover every type of learner – music for the auditory learner, DVDs for the visual learner, musical shakers and puppets for the kinesthetic / tactile learning and coloring/activity books for the beginning reading.  I also love that they have gone green in the packaging of our music CDs and DVDs. The eco-friendly packaging features 100% recycled paper and 100% vegetable based inks.

So what do you get when you order this?  Everything is contained in a see-thru vinyl child-sized backpack.  The kids loved that here (anything involving a backpack is really cool to them).  There's also a  music CD called My First Songs in Spanish.  It's great to play in your car and your kids don't even realize they are learning. There also is the DVD I Like Animals.  My kids really liked the video.  Will enjoyed the animals (especially the monkeys), and Madison liked that she knew a lot of the songs they were singing.  BOCA the lovable puppet was also a huge hit.  What kid doesn't like puppets?  The coloring book also was nice, because it is just another way to immerse them into Spanish.

As a mom, I liked that my kids were learning and never even realized it.  Nothing was forced upon them and they enjoyed playing with all of the Boca Beth (aff) products!


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