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Bookmarking Meets Social Networking Meets Knowledge

Every so often you come across a service that really fits into your life. Diigo is that for me. I never understood what the excitement was over sites like delicious. I never saw any practical use for it. However, I see many uses for Diigo. A big one for me is how you are able to use it as a research and knowledge tool and how it will allow me to be more time efficient. For one of my freelancing jobs, we talk a lot over email since we are all over the country. I hate when I find a cool article and then I have to send it to each person (I am still trying to figure out how to make email lists on Gmail).

This service would allow me to bookmark the article and each person on my team can then decide if it pertains to them (instead of me trying to figure that out). You can set up different groups too. My personal group wouldn't have to wade through my work bookmarks. Another feature that I love is that you can highlight articles and leave notes for yourself. Currently, I have a ton of bookmarks that I did, and I can't remember what was important in those articles and why I bookmarked them. When doing research, I would love to be able to note that I have already looked at different web pages.

On the more personal side, there are several features that are just fun to play with. First, you have People Like Me. That feature will show you what other people who have bookmarked the same site as you also bookmarked. It will also suggest people that are close to you in your bookmarking behavior. You are able to import your bookmarks from other sites, so you don't have waste your time doing that again.

Today, Diigo is releasing version 3.0 of their service. They have added over 100 new features so there is a feature for everyone here. It is a tad overwhelming at first when you are trying to figure it all out. However, it is worth your time. This video will show you the new dashboard and some of the new features you should expect:

When you try it out, let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Bookmarking Meets Social Networking Meets Knowledge

  1. This is a great and appropriate review of something that actually helps people! Diigo is actually much more than a bookmarking tool – it is a fantastic research tool and great for hooking up with people who are working on similar tasks.


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