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Bowl Me Over Dog Tags

Our pets deserve just as much luxury as we do, and Wags & Tags delivers on that.  The dog tag that you see above is, by far, the nicest dog tags I've ever seen.  Anywhere.  And I love it!

This dog bowl tag is sterling silver.  However, the back is stainless steel, so that it can be engraved.  Since it is stainless steel, the information you have engraved will not rub off (like you often find with sterling silver).  The top of the tag where the double split ring is attached to the dog collar is also made of stainless steel for additional support.  You won't have to worry about this tag ever getting lost!  The double split ring is also made from stainless steel for extra strength.

Depending on the size of your dog, they have three different size tags you can get.  The smallest is approximately the size of nickel, the medium has the same circumference as a quarter, and the large has the circumference of a half dollar.  You can also choose from 5 different bone choices:  14K gold, sterling silver, cubic zirconia pave, a single cubic zirconia in a silver bone, or a diamond pave.

Bowl Me Over Dog Tags are beautiful pieces of art that can withstand whatever you dog puts it through.  This is “bling” that everybody will want to know where you got it from (at least, I've found that so far).  The coolest thing though is that you can even getting a matching pendent for yourself!

If your dog deserves nothing but the very best, you have to get your hands on the Wags & Tags Bowl Me Over Dog Tags.  They are definitely worth it.

3 thoughts on “Bowl Me Over Dog Tags

  1. Everyone must consider a good dog tag for their dog, after all he is a the mans best friend and he deserves the best

  2. Besides looking great I like that the ring is stainless steel. Having been a dog walker for 17 years I can't tell you how many cheap tags get lost. A tag is so crucial is the dog escapes, this one looks like a winner.

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