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Box Tops & A $50 Giveaway Too!

The school that Madison is going to next year collects Box Tops.  If you don't know what Box Tops is, let me explain.  There are a ton of items that you can buy that have the image to the left on the box.  You collect these for your local schools, and they get 10 cents for every one you turn in.  Now, that doesn't sound like a lot, but when if you can get a bunch of people together, it adds up quickly.  Now, the school's goal is to earn $750 from Box Tops.  Last year, they made $536, and I would love for them to meet their goal for this year (even though Madison is not even enrolled yet.  I understand that any extra money to the school with benefit her).  Now, there are several ways we can do this for our local schools.

First, you need to log into the Box Tops site and create an account.  You enter your state and your school or if you don't know that, just enter your zip code.  I personally entered the school and state.  From there, you are able to see how your local school is going.  Now, how do you increase that number?  Well, you can collect box tops with that logo on it.  They also have a Marketplace.  Now, until recently, I did not know about the Marketplace.  This works so awesome too!  There is a list of stores that will give a percentage of whatever you buy from them back to the school.  There are stores like Avon, Gap, Kohls, Best Buy, Leap Frog, Target, and Walmart (this is just a couple of them — the whole listing is on the site).  All you have to do is log into the Box Tops Site, click on marketplace, then click on the store you want to shop it.  That's it.  Once you checkout, the percentage you purchased will then be applied to your school.  If you are Christmas shopping online anyway, why not help out your local school (and if you don't want to help any of them out, I'll tell you the school we are sending our money too, and you can use them).

Did you know that Box Tops has donated more than $250 million to schools nationwide since 1996?  Would you like to help raise that number?  Then start collecting Box Tops and use their Marketplace to do your online shopping!  To help you get started, I am giving away a $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble (thank you Barnes & Noble for your support of such a great program!).  What do you have to do?

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This contest will end November 26th at 8:00 pm CST and is for US residents. Good Luck!

660 thoughts on “Box Tops & A $50 Giveaway Too!

  1. I love Barnes and Noble. It is my sanctuary. The gift card would be great on two levels. First, the experience of shopping at Barnes and Noble is a delight for all the senses. I love feeling the soft chairs and the crisp paper as I get comfortable and browse. I love the smell of the coffee wafting through the air. When I get stressed or worried, I always head to Barnes and Noble and lose my thoughts in the stacks of books. Next, books are my favorite gift. I have always loved getting a new book and digging in.

  2. i want this because our children love to read and we are both out of work and can't afford much for christmas this year

  3. I love any books store, but honestly Barnes and Noble is my favorite. My daughter and I could spend forever in there browsing. Thanks for the chance.

  4. The whole family could spend all day browsing at Barnes and Noble. I am planning to buy some books for the kids for Christmas, this GC would come in handy.

  5. I love Barnes and Noble!! I am going through my first job hunt after college and there are some books I would love to get to help me out with the process!!!

  6. $50 would put a few extra books under the Christmas tree this year. My kids all love to read and I love to get them new books to really keep that interest going.

  7. Barnes and Nobles is like my own little rabbit hole. I can probably think of ten different books I'm itching all over to buy! Because Christmas is coming up, I'd really like to get something special for my little sister–it's going to be a slow Christmas because of the economy right now.

    Thanks for this opportunity, I hope I win! 😛

  8. Last friday was what we called "Black Friday" at my job. I was lucky and was not laid off but you never know. While I have three kids and we aren't having a lot of presents, I'd like to make my entry go to this one (if I win, give it to her.. no idea who she is but I was thinking of my co-workers who are now out of jobs and the post broke my heart).

    If I win, pick the person who posted this:

    Erin Miller on November 12th, 2008 12:22 pm i want this because our children love to read and we are both out of work and can’t afford much for christmas this year.

    Thanks, Joe

  9. I am a stay-at-home mom of three children, who are all under the age of three. My husband works really hard to support this family of five, and I'd like to use the card to buy him a couple of books that he'd like. We don't normally buy each other gifts, even at X-mas, (in the interest of saving money), so it would be a nice surprise.

    Alicia Webster


  10. because we moved away from a barnes and noble i always save up money and have a mini book shopping spree whenever we get to go.

    so this card can fund one of my spree's !

  11. Cold weather makes me want to curl up with a blanket and a good book. I don't have any new ones around here that I haven't read, so I'd like to win the card and buy a few. Thanks.

  12. I would dearly love to win this because we as a family are trying to decide on a vacation destination next year, and we want to research as much as possible before we commit to anywhere. The budget is important, so I would use this prize to buy travel guides and books.

  13. I would love to win this gift card. My daughter is in kindergarden this year and starting to learn to read. This gift card would really help me buy her some great childhood books for Christmas. She loves being read to every night and seeing words she can read on her own. Thank you for the chance.

  14. Barnes and Noble is one of the places I always go for Holiday gift-shopping…….I'd love to have the gift card to supplement my budget!

  15. Thankfully my kids love to read books, money is tight for me this year, as well as for many others, I would love this to get them some books they hae been wantng for Christmas.

    Thanks! 🙂

  16. I love to read to my children and they can't get enough. We go to the library often but there are so many books that we check out over and over again. I would love to purchase some of my children's most favorites. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. We love Barnes & Noble. We've been teaching our kids how much fun reading can be and I would love to win this gift card for them. We love visiting our local store and I would love to bring our kids to be able to pick out a few books for each of them. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  18. My daughter loves to read and she reads EVERYTHING that she gets her hands on. It is so hard to keep books around for her because she reads them so fast. She usually gets books from the used bookstore but it would be nice to be able to give her some new ones that are only hers. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  19. During the recent Bloggy Book carnival I discovered so many new titles that I would like to read. This giftcard would allow me to indulge myself in a few of them.


  20. I'd like the gift card because I'm a manga reader. There are two manga series I collect, currently up to 20 or so volumes for both, and it gets a little expensive trying to keep up. Aside from that, my sister, who is an avid reader, could always use a new book to keep her occupied.

  21. I actually plan on giving it to my mom as a Christmas gift. She's just gone back to school and I know she could use it!


  22. I love books and Barnes and Noble too. I like to write poetry and am always adding writing books to my collection. I am also into graphic design and could always use a book or two on that or on art in general. And then there's always books to read purely for the joy of it! Thanks for this giveaway!

  23. I would like to win this gift card because I'm raising 3 boys who love to read and because we're military and don't make a lot of money, Christmas isn't going to be real big. I know this card could do a lot of good in my household. We're a family of 5 readers…what better, than getting a card to a book store.

  24. I would like to have a Barnes & Noble gift card because I only need about 4 more books to complete my Stephen King collection. I've been working on this a long time and am almost there!!!!!

  25. My son's school uses Box Tops, I have an account to keep track on how his school is doing as far their goal. I would use the gift card to buy books for my son, he loves to read, and I love to take him to B & N to pick out books. He really enjoys going there. dcadmar at gmail dot com

  26. I would love to win this so I could use it towards one of my textbooks. I'm taking college classes and am unemployed so money is tight and textbooks are so expensive.

  27. Winter around here keeps me pretty much homebound. There is nothing better than wrapping myself in my favorite afghan, with a warm cup of tea and a great book. The B&N card could help me through several cold nights.

  28. I am very dyslexic so reading it hard… i like to buy books one tape and could really use a gift card to help me get some new books….

  29. We are box top junkies. Want to win because my family loves to read and would love to buy a few new books for Christmas.

  30. I'd really like to win this card because I have been so stressed out lately that it would be nice to get some books to read or music to listen to!

  31. I want the gift card because I love Barnes and Noble. I can't go in there without buying a book. I always find something I want! Thanks.

  32. I am a teacher, we have a lot of students/families without resources. I have my eye on a book, but I would also donate some to our family giving tree this Christmas

  33. This giftcard would be amazing because money is tight this holiday seasons and books are my gift of choice. When you give someone a book, you give them a story- something that will last a lifetime. It may sound cheesy but it's true. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. I love to read books; and Barnes & Noble is my favorite bookstore ever! They always have the books I love at very reasonable prices. A $50 GC from Barnes & Noble would really help me add tons of new books to my collection of books. Thanks for the Awesome contest!

  35. I would love this gift card to be able to give my kids some Christmas presents that I would feel good giving them. We homeschool and my husband is out of work, so buying books right now is a luxury.

  36. Love books, love B&N, and just don't seem to have the extra money nowadays to go to B&N and splurge. More of a luxury these days.

  37. I would like this for my husband..Some men like hardware stores, hunting stores or golf store……….My husbands favorite is a book store. He can browse for hours. Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. Barne's & Noble is like a vacation sanctuary to me. Hiding in the stacks are so many gateways to new kingdoms of knowledge. I would adore getting the gift card. Blessings.

  39. All I can do is post a comment here. I don't have all those other things. The reason I would love to win this is because I think some of my pictures were used for a new book that Barnes and Noble is puting out later this month. I would love to get it! It's selling for almost a hundred dollars now this will really help. Last I heard they were using one of my photos for the back cover.

  40. Why would I like the Barnes & Noble Card? Because my husband and I both love to read, the kids we love really love being read to, and Christmas, DH's birthday, and Valentine's Day are all coming up soon. Thanks for the awesome offer, and for telling me about BTfE Marketplace–I didn't know about it either, and BTfE is an awesome program I wholeheartedly support.

  41. It is my favorite tradition to send Happy New Year gifts to my friends. I used to pick out themed items and send them, like spa themed items with a journal, candles, or for organization in the new year, planners, but as the years go by, interests change, so I send the same gift in theory, but just allow friends to make it work for their new interests by giving them gift cards to Barnes & Noble!

  42. Some women love to shop for clothes or shoes but my shopping passion is for books. Barnes and Noble is my favorite store. I take my grandchildren there frequently to get them into the reading habit. Too many people are not interested in reading and that is so sad. I can't imagine my world without books in it. Thanks for your giveaway!

  43. I have a family of readers and this would be so helpful especially during the holidays! Barnes and Noble is a temptation that just sometimes needs to be fulfilled.

  44. I would love to win this for my mother-in-law. She is an avid reader and is always doing nice things for us so this would be a nice way to give back to her.

  45. And I would love the gift card because we're flat broke and the only people we have to buy for at Christmas are our two nephews and I'm all into the educational gifts…like books!

  46. It has gotten to the point that when I am comparing products in stores one of the things I look for is Boxtops icons for my grandaughter's school and they come on lots of things that are not actually food. I get a lot of Boxtop items in K-Mart for example. As for Barnes and Nobel, well within their 4 walls is the world, the sum total of human creativity and the story of man so why wouldn't one want $50 to spend there. In my B & N there is a coffee cafe with lovely coffees and teas also.

  47. I would love to get my daughter a cook book since she is always taking those type books out of the school library. My son loves books as well and have had my eye on good night moon.

  48. I'd love a B&N gift card to buy Stephen King's newest novel Just Past Sunset and the new graphic novel Locke and Key by his son, Joe Hill.

  49. Times are tough – especially with Christmas coming! I would love the gift card to give to my Mother and Father in law. (They are so hard to buy for!)

  50. We simply have read all of the books of my daughters and we sure could use this gift card to buy new ones to keep her love of reading going.

  51. 😆 I am an RV'er all summer and read, read, read. It is difficut to afford those books and this would sure help!

  52. Thanks for promoting Box Tops – our local schools depend on the program to fund critical programs. I'd like to win the B&N gift card so I can get the neighbor's grandkids some books. Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. I would truly be grateful for the Barnes & Noble gift card, because finances are pretty tight lately and I love to read and haven't been able to get new books for a while. Thank you for the contest!!

  54. I love reading – especially historical non-fiction and fiction, so this would be a real treat to win. Thank you for this amazing giveaway and please enter me!

  55. My girls love to read, as do my husband and myself. I would love to use the gift card to get my girls some books they have been wanting for Christmas and maybe a book or two for their class library at school.

  56. 😀 my daughter could use it toward her last year of college books…yeah can we all cheer….her LAST year damn im broke!! this owuld help! thanks for the contest

  57. as you have mentioned box tops has been fundraising since '96, dont you think it's simply awesome? it's always good to hear companies giving back… also worth a mention is pizza hut's book it reading incentive program, helps lots of kids all over the world the value of reading books…

  58. Books are like water only more expensive. I would love this gift card so I could feed my addiction to knowledge 😛

  59. I'm getting ready to start taking chemotherapy like treatments & will be housebound a lot this next year. I love to read 7 this would help me. 🙄

  60. I'd love a B&N certificate because my kids are addicted to books and they're breaking my budget! 🙂

    I'm not complaining, it's actually a good problem to have. Kids that read!

    Stumbled this post as http://jmom88.stumbleupon.com/ and subscribed to your feed via Google Reader.

    My girls' schools use the boxtops to raise funds too.

  61. I swear I've been in every bookstore from Florida to Oklahoma and love them all. I read everyday…it's a great de-stresser. I'd love to win this gift card but I'd give it to my grandson who is beginning to read and loving it!

  62. I have four daughters, and they have all expressed an interest in owning the Twillight Series of books by Stephanie Dawn. It would be great to use this gift card to buy a complete set to have at our house.

  63. Books are huge in our household. Everyone loves to read, and the amount on this gift card would be well used.


  64. I am pregnant and currently on bed rest. I would send my hubby to buy story telling by tori spelling and a few other numbers I now have time to catch up on!

  65. Barnes and Nobles is a family experience to us. Myself my daughter in laws and my grandchildren all love to go and explore. We could make a day of it just browsing , finding gifts we'd like to get for eachother and what we'd like to get for ourselves. So I would use the gift card to have one of those special days with people I love and actually make a couple of those wish i could buy wishes come true

  66. I would like this for my daughter, who is an avid reader. She really loves to go to Barnes & Noble. This would be great to give to her. Thank you so much. 🙂

  67. 😛 I love Barnes & Noble! With this great GC win I could buy some new Diabetic Cook Books for my hubby, he's newly diagnosed and in need of alot of education! Thanks! **fingers crossed**

  68. I'd give it to my boyfriend. He has a Barnes & Noble addiction. If he doesn't go there at least every two weeks, he goes into DT's. 😆

  69. I just lost my job due to company lay-offs. I'd use the Barnes & Noble card to buy holiday gifts for my niece and nephew.

  70. I would love the Barnes & Noble card to buy books for my grandson. He's 15 and loves to read. I want to keep him going for a few months.

  71. my girlfriends son just learned how to read. Id love to win this gift card to take him there to have a field day buying books

  72. My gift budget for the holidays is pretty slim this year. This gift card would help me help some of my family have a happier holiday.

  73. My living room looks bare and sterile. I think a stack of books on the coffee table would make it look a lot nicer and friendlier. :mrgreen:

    oinkmoobaa (at) yahoo (.) com

  74. I love Barnes and Noble but don't normally splurge on new books. This would be a big change from Goodwill! Thanks for the great contest!

  75. My husband is leaving for Afghanistan at the end of December and I'd love to give him this so he can stock up on books

  76. I love to read and would love to be able to put some of this money towards a new book as I haven't been able to read anything good in awhile, however, most of it would have to go towards school textbooks

  77. Well, my son is 14 months old and I would like to start reading to him.. so, if I get this gift card I will probley go buy him Books for christmas.. I know how important it is to read to your children and books for kids are getting expensive these days

  78. Hope I win it's my grandson's 3rd birthday on the 20th of November and I cannot afford a gift so this would be ideal.

  79. Books are my favorite pastime. There's a new Stephen King book coming out and Koontz just released another new one this past Tuesday. I've been trying not to hit the bookstore because my wallet is a tad bit empty lately and I should be saving for Christmas for everyone else..but it's really tough!

  80. I was thinking of giving this card to a friend of mine who also loves to read. It's tough to get gifts for readers so a gift card is so much better. Besides, if you're a reader, the book hunt can be as much fun as the book itself.

  81. Id love to give it to my sister. She teaches high school, and often is forced to buy classroom sets of books for her students out of her own pocket.

  82. I would love to win this becuase I have a list of books I am waiting to buy for myself and for my kids. I generally shop online and I also did not know about the boxtops marketplace, thanks for the heads up.

  83. I have two children that are avid readers and one on the way to getting there. She is a Kindegartener and not quite a reader yet. But I would love to get some books for each of them to put under the tree for Christmas this year!

  84. I would like to win to purchase the complete set of Laurel Hamilton books. I just started reading them and they are great.

  85. I want this gift card because as a teacher I buy alot of my own supplies and this would be helpful as far as books!

  86. I would totally spend the afternoon browsing around for the best way to spend Barnes and Nobles. A nice slow pace that would last around 5 hours. What a great way to waste time.

    Then I would end up in the clearance section and blow the whole thing and then some.

  87. I would love to win this. I am disabled with two young grandson. I have very little to give them for Christmas this year.