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Brass Balls & Nerves of Steel

Another game my family and I have been enjoying is Brass Balls & Nerves of Steel. This is a really fun game for all ages (though the game is rated for 8 and up. The balls in the game are small enough that, I guess, if you tried to get them in your mouth you could).  You roll six balls from your side of the board to the other side.  Depending on where they land determines what you score.  This is a game that you'll find a lot of cheering and hollering going on.  You'll also have some wishful thinking and possibly some swearing.  I love that the instructions also include some different variations of how to play the game too.

Brass Balls & Nerves of Steel is game that requires some luck, some skill, and some strategy.  It is great game for Family Game Night!

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  1. Hi. I managed to score a copy of this at the local thrift store, but it didn’t come with the rules. Is there any way you can scan the rules and email them to me please?

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