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What does it take to be a #BraveWoman? #CBias

If you are a regular reader here, you have already read about how I took the Brave Woman Pledge. If you aren't, the Brave Women pledge is:

I pledge to honor and respect brave women and children who tackle the difficult journey of change from domestic violence to a new life. I acknowledge my own moment-by-moment bravery, will remain aware of what is happening to others around me, and speak up against violence in any form. I will stand up for human dignity and safety for women and children.

A Brave Woman is a woman who has a lot of courage which is why I took the Brave Woman pledge. I may personally never have been involved in a domestic violence situation. However, I learned with my original post that may women that I know have. Some of the stories I have since heard writing my original post were heartbreaking. However, these are woman I am proud to know. Why? They were able to get away from their horrible circumstances. They don't want their children to head down that path and put themselves in those circumstances. They want change. Most of all, they want to help others.

I believe that one person can make a difference. I believe that I can help support women who have been to hell and back and give them the courage and the faith that they can do this. They can leave for a better life.

Why are you taking the Brave Woman pledge?

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6 thoughts on “What does it take to be a #BraveWoman? #CBias

  1. Thank you, Lisa. I took the pledge today. Let's make sure everyone know about Brave Woman and do something!



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