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Breast Is Best . . . Or is it?

The other most common question I seem to get asked since I have had Will is whether or not I am breastfeeding. Well, here's the story of both Madison and Will on this topic.

Madison's Breastfeeding tale

Madison would never latch on. I met with lactation consultants and everything, and she would not latch on. We had decided that breastfeeding was the way to go. We continued to try and breastfeed when (aff) we brought her home. However, she started to become very jaundice. When (aff) we brought her in the doctor, we had a blood test done, and her billyrubin (sp?) count was 14.7. Once that number hits 15, they have to have a billy blanket. I was given 3 choices: keep trying to breastfeed and she'd probably end up in the hospital, give her formula, or go buy a breast pump.

We did the later of the three. I ended up pumping for 4 months with her. I quit when I started resenting pumping. I have to think it works, because Madison hardly ever gets sick. She never has had an ear infection. She's had a few colds and the flu, but that's it.

Will's Breastfeeding tale

Well, we are running into some of the same problems with Will. Once we get him latched on, he will eat. However, we have had major problems getting him to latch. Last Sunday, we made the decision after trying to get him to latch for an hour and half at 3 am, that this is not working. I would literally feel myself tense up when I had to feed him, since we were having some many problems. Needless to say, we decided that I should again pump. He will get all the benefits of breast milk, and somebody other than me can feed him. Again, not a perfect solution, but it is the best we can come up with. He also started becoming jaundice, but when we brought him in last Monday, it was already going away.

Where do we go from here?

Honestly, I don't know. I am not sure if I can do this for 4 months again. However, I have been pumping and freezing what I can. For those of you who have pumped before, how much should I be freezing in each bag? I have been only doing 2 oz in each bag. I do know once you thaw it, you have to use it, so my theory was to do small amounts. However, I now have a ton of bags in my freezer.

Let me know your thoughts!

11 thoughts on “Breast Is Best . . . Or is it?”

  1. I didn't know your breasts were supposed to be soft. Yeah, that seems dumb. I only have one kid though and never went through this before. I had mastitus and yeast infections from the start all the way til my girl was about 4 months old. I think I had it before she was born. They told me not to pump too much and to try to get her to nurse. Oh my girl nursed though, she was a champ. Now that I think back on it, I think that I about drowned her at times, so she had to be good at this. LOL…

    I still had problems though. I hurt constantly. I finally ignored what everyone told me. I pumped and pumped, it was my only relief. I finally got feeling better and my breast both softened like now I know they should be even when nursing.

    I was an over producer. Yeah….I had enough milk for 10 babies probably. I froze it and was planning on donating it to whatever that organization is that will take it. I contacted them and they basically turned me away, so I tossed it ultimately.

    I think small amounts like you are doing are great at first here, but make a few bigger bags occasionally, so if you need more you have it without wasting the bags themselves…they aren't the cheapest things in the world.

    I think you are doing great though and all babies are different. I don't think there is all the much bad with formula or breastmilk. Babies can and will thrive on both methods, so do what you think is best for you and your situation. Don't worry about what others do or think. You make your own chooses….for you.

  2. Thanks for your comment. You aren't given a whole lot of information to work with when you leave the hospital. I should be smarter this time since this is my 2nd kid, but it doesn't always work that way.

  3. Good job trying to nurse! I've had many friends just up and quit when it got tough. I never pumped though so I don't have any advice there. It sounds like you are doing fine though, saving it in amounts he will take. Good luck keeping it up! 🙂

  4. Lisa, I'm sorry you're struggling with this. I commend your efforts. Maybe your body is just not built for nursing? It doesn't work for everyone and bottlefed babies turn out just fine, too. And you're right – it is so much harder to do things with the second one. I nursed Connor until he was around 2, but with Aric, was done at 9 months. I bet he would have kept nursing longer if I forced the issue, but I was just DONE.

  5. It is a lonely world when I get crap from the breastfeeding side that I am not "really" breastfeeding. Then I get crap from the formula feeding side that I should just make my life easier and go that route. I just look at it that I am doing the best that I can even though I feel like pulling my hair out. I decided to blog about this because I cannot be the only one with nursing issues and who knows, maybe, I can help somebody else.

  6. I used to be one of those breastfeeding Nazi types myself, so I know of what you speak. My mantra now where all things are concerned, though, is that you do what works for you and screw the masses.

  7. Hee hee "screw the masses" I like that mantra.

    Formula would be so much easier. However, easier does not make it better.

    Now we are having major spit up issues, so we'll have to see what the dr says about that tomorrow.

  8. I had similar problems with my daughter (now almost 5) at first. She couldn't get the hang of latching on. She eventually got it, luckily, and I breastfed until she was 20 months old!! I'm thinking, though, that if she had NOT gotten to where she could latch on, I would have had to go with formula, because I just couldn't figure out the whole "pump and freeze" thing.

  9. I'm so sorry you're having problems getting Will to latch on. My oldest child (a son) wouldn't latch on, either. I used a nipple shield (have you tried that?) for the first two weeks so that he would get all the goodness of the colostrum, but ended up giving up. Back then (28 years ago! Yikes!) pumping wasn't as big as it is now, and the pumps left A LOT to be desired! LOL My next two babies nursed very well, although my middle child (also a son) rejected me when he was 9 months old. Broke my heart, I tell ya! lol He just up and decided he didn't want that boobie anymore! lol

    I wish you luck with whatever you decide. I know you'll do what's best for both you and Will. 🙂

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