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Brett Favre Retires . . . Again

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Being from Green Bay, I like to keep tabs on my favorite quarterback. I was very surprised to come across the news that Brett Favre is retiring. Again. I have to admit, I hope he stays retired this time.

“Mike and Woody, as well as the entire organization, have been nothing short of outstanding,” Favre said in the e-mail. “My teammates — Thomas and Kerry included — were a pleasure to play with. Eric [Mangini] could not have been any better. I enjoyed playing for him. My time with the Jets was short, but I'm honored to be given that chance.”

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13 thoughts on “Brett Favre Retires . . . Again

  1. Well, that's terribly depressing now what are the Jets going to do? I guess that new Jets Favre jersey is already dated…shame on him for playing with our heart strings like that!

  2. Lots of celebrities say they're retiring, and then get right back into what they were doing. Maybe they just love their occupations too much. That's the kind of career I want to have.

  3. Well…Chrystal got me to thinking about those folks who drop dead after they retire from being a football coach, etc.

    Favre is the little boy who cried wolf. He WILL be back again. I guarantee it. It is like how Susan Sarandon said she would move to France if Bush was elected and 8 years later she is still here. Maybe France just didn't want her 🙂

  4. My husband is a BIG Packers fan and an even bigger Favre fan. Last year when he announced he was retiring I went into labor and he couldn't watch anything on the news, this year he announces and we have no cable. It sucks too because my MIL just bought him a new Favre jersey for the Jets at Christmas and now he's never been able to wear while watching Favre play with the Jets.

    My team is the Colts and I'm sad to see Tony Dungy retiring. =( Seems to be the year to retire…

    Cute site BTW =)

  5. 🙄 AGAIN!? Lol i dont know the story but that is funny! I know once a person retires they normally take up a hobby but not go back to doing the same thing. hahaha.

  6. He should have stayed retired the first time… He's one of the greats. I think he would have left a better taste in people's mouths if he had just stayed retired the first time. He's awesome, though. I love him. 🙂

  7. I thought he should have stayed retired after his announcement last year. The whole thing that happened afterwards made him look bad. He either should have stayed retired or better yet, just played another year for the Packers. He had a great career

  8. I can't stand these high profile retirement on again, off again stories. It seems that all they want is to continue to be in the limelight any way they can.

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