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Bright Star Kids

A new addition we added to Madison's room is some wall letters from Bright Star Kids. (You'll have to forgive the glare in the pictures, I took several of them and could not get rid of that). It is a great way to give your kids ownership of their space. Here, Madison can read her name, so she thinks it is the coolest thing ever that her name is up on the wall.

Now, I know you are wondering how hard it was to put that up.  Honestly, it took Bill and I about ten minutes on Saturday.  That's it.  It seriously could not get any easier than it was.  You basically rub the back to make sure that it will stick.  Bill got his laser level out, we decided where to put it, and then you push on the wall.  You rub the back again and pull the backing off.  That's it!  It might not have even taken 10 minutes!

Now, it adheres to the wall, and your kids definitely aren't going to be able to pull it off (not that my tried yet  LOL).  Even with the lights off it is seriously bright.  Now, that we got this for Madison, Bill wants to get one for Will's room, since these are prices very well.  The wall letter are around $3 (aff) per letter and if you buy more than fifteen letters, they drop down to $1.50 per letter.  There is also a flat fee for shipping of $10.  Since they are based in Australia, they actually have a currency converter on their site, so it doesn't matter where you are from, you can figure out what the price is for you.

I've arranged for my readers to be able to get a 20% discount if you decide you need this for your house.  To use,  enter the promo code FAMILYREVIEW into the Promotional Code section of their Shopping Cart and then press Submit.

I highly recommend these, and like I said, we'll be ordering a set for Will's room now too!

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