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But I don’t like green juice!

Some days, the funniest things come out of Madison's mouth. On Friday, Madison was complaining that she was thirsty. I went and poured her a glass of apple juice (which I diluted with water from the kitchen faucets). I gave it to her to drink, and she made a funny face and exclaimed to me that she “doesn't like green juice!”. I was thinking, green juice? I gave you apple juice that is red. then it dawned on me. The cup that I put her juice in was blue which made the juice look green! Once, I explained that to her, she had no problems finishing if it.

This must be a stage thing, since all of a sudden, she is super picky about her food now. She always is telling me she hates mustard. Yet, she eats it all the time and just doesn't know it.

5 thoughts on “But I don’t like green juice!

  1. That's such a cute story. I think that purified water, from a kitchen faucets, is healthier than filtered water from a machine that you attach to your faucet.

  2. That's so funny! Kaitlyn freaked out the other night at dinner when Chris went to put some food on her usual little Dora plate. She shrieked "NO! Not the DORA PWATE!" We just looked at her like HUH? lol

  3. At this age, you can always ask them "have you ever had (item)?" In most cases, they will answer no, and then you can usually convince them to try the item anyway. Or of course, as you said, just give it to them without telling them.

  4. How cute. I'm glad she listened to your explanation and drank the juice. 😛

    P.S. I'm from despair.nu and I was supposed to comment by yesterday but I didn't have a chance to until now.

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