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Buy Me Now

Need seven tips to sell your house?  Here you go:

  1. Clean up.  This is the time for a really deep clean.  If you don't want to do it, hire a company to come in and do it for you.  You'll want to fix any imperfections that might be obvious to potential buyers.
  2. Declutter and arrange.  If you aren't using that treadmill, now is the time to get it out of your house. You basically want to simplify each room.
  3. Don't forget the closets! As a buyer, I can tell you that I looked in the closets of every house we looked at. You don't wanted a cluttered mess in there; you want the buyer to see how much storage space you have.
  4. Neutralize. You may like the hot pink wall you have in your house. However, most likely, that will be a turn off to a lot of buyers. You are going to want neutral colors on your walls to increase your home (aff)'s appeal.
  5. Curb Appeal. This is the first impression for the buyer. You need to make sure that the grass is cut, flower beds are planted, and the yard is weed free.
  6. Appeal to all the senses. Make sure that natural light is able to get into the house. Scented candles, flowers, or even fresh baked goodies make your home (aff) more appealing.
  7. Research your price. This is a vital step in getting your home sold. Real estate professionals can be one of greatest assets when trying to determine the value of your home.

These few steps should make selling your house a little easier.

6 thoughts on “Buy Me Now

  1. Redecorating by painting inside walls is not neccessary or even recommended to selling a house. Most buyers plan on redecorating to their own tastes anyhow when they buy a house. My realtor told me the same thing when I wanted to sell my dad's house–repaint the pink hallway. I'm really glad I didn't spend the time and money doing that. I priced the house fairly and it sold in a week! Your price is much more important to selling the house than the painting, although I did have the porch painted and the window trim because it was peeling. That' helped the curb appeal.

  2. It actually depends. If you live in a market that's hard to sell in, painting can make the difference in you getting the sale. When we moved from my old house, we got an offer shortly after we painted it (it sat on the market for 9 months before we painted and then got an offer shortly after)

  3. My parents are moving and I'm renting their house until it sells. I keep telling them to let me paint the walls white or neutral to help it sell. It may not be necessary but I think its easier for a potential buyer to view what they would want the space to look like if its on a blank canvas.

  4. Great points, really logical – what I like about them is that they can be used not only when selling, but also when buying a house. If you feel scented candles, see freshly painted walls, you need to be really attentive as you know people were waiting for you to come and have hidden all the imperfections the house may have:)

    By the way, the post on "what to pay attention to when buying a house" would be really-really wanted and needed. Many people have no idea on what to look at and buy house if they have had some positive "overall" impression. And after living in it for a couple of months they see the house starts falling apart (surprize-surprize!)…

  5. This is some really interesting information about real estate and selling a home. I will have to use this information with my next home sale.

  6. This is a great discussion! It's true that neutral colors on your walls should be consider before you sell your house. You should pick colors that could both have appeal to man or female buyers.

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