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By The Grace Of God

Chicago luckily got missed with the huge snowstorm.  We have some snow but not the 14 inches my friends and family got in Wisconsin.  However, instead, we got something much worse.  Bitter cold.  I'm sitting here right now checking to see if Madison has school (which she does).  However, with the wind chill, it's -25 degrees here.  The problem is is that not only do I have to take Madison out in this weather, I have Will to be worried about.  That's where the title of this post comes in.  The only logical thing I can do is, I think, ask another parent to walk Madison the block up to the school building (We park at one end of the block.  Her school is at the other end.  Plus, this is a Chicago city block, so it's not a short little jaunt.).  I'm sitting here, and I can't come up with a better way to do this, because no 2 (aff) year old should be out in this bitter cold.  Well, off to get ready and wake some kiddos up.  Wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “By The Grace Of God

  1. What is wrong with school districts? I mean do they not know how dangerous the weather can be for a child when the temperature is like that. Btw love the blog.

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