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Caillou Songs I Love!

If you like having music in your house, Caillou Songs I Love (A Magical Book That Features 12 Great Melodies) is a book you should have. Not only is it a book , but it has a piano at the bottom of the pages that actually works. Each page has a story and and song on it. The song part of the page shows you the notes to play on the piano. Each note and key is numbered and color coded so children of any ages can figure it out. It has popular songs like London Bridge, Brother John, and Old MacDonald on there. The only song that it is missing is the one that goes “mamas gonna buy you and mocking bird, and if that mocking bird don't sing, mammas gonna buy you a diamond ring” I don't remember the title of that song or the words for that matter but I think it should still have made the list. However, this book is still very enjoyable. My husband won't admit it, but I think he likes playing on the piano just as much as the kids!

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  1. We found an "easter egg" of sorts in this book. If the batteries get low it stops being a piano. It starts playing back a storehouse of about ten songs that I can't figure out. I'm going to put the low batteries back in later and record it and put it on YouTube to see if anyone knows the songs.

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