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Calgone take me away

Isn't that how that commercial use to go? I just had an incredibly crappy day yesterday.

First, I tweaked my back around 4 in the morning getting Will out of his crib. It still hurts.

Next, I had to call the doctor for Will. Why? He hasn't pooped since Wednesday about 5 pm. He went from pooping every single diaper to nothing. Bill was freaking out about it. Also, his puking has picked up again. He has baby reflux, and it is hard to tell what is coming up from that and what is spit up and if he is sick. Plus, he is crabby in the afternoon.

Next, Bill worked late. Again. I can't get anything done until he gets home (aff). When he doesn't get home (aff) till after 7, that means I really don't anything done.

Next, my street is all tore up.

Next, I take Will to the doctor and this was the end of my patience. Madison was the biggest snot there. The doctor was even telling her to behave. That's how bad she was.

I seriously just wanted to pack my Samsonite luggage and get away. Far, far away.

Today, has been a slightly better day. Bill and Madison are gone till Michigan till Monday, so it is just Will and me. I am hoping he sleeps and doesn't give me too hard of a time.

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