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Calling All Photographers: Flowers

Last weekend we did a lot of yard work. Madison picked these flowers for me:


At least she didn't pick the pretty flowers along the house.  I lucked out when we  moved in that I had a wonderful flower bed along the side of my house.  I know what the tulips are.  However, I have no clue what anything else is.

I played around with my new SLR camera that I got from the Sony Mommy Blogger Event and took these pictures:


I would love to know what you all think.  I am trying to remember the principle of thirds while doing taking my photos.  I also took these using the Apature (I hope I spelled that right) setting.  I would love to know any suggestions you all have to make them better.


11 thoughts on “Calling All Photographers: Flowers

  1. Since you asked… Here are my suggestions to make each one better.

    The top left, you should probably off center the main flower and tighten up on it so you blur out the secondary flowers, that would make for a more compelling image.

    Top right – too busy, the eye goes everywhere, no one place to focus.

    Bottom Left – That is good, you are focusing on the flowers but again they are right in the center and you are showing part of the leaves but cutting off too much, cut them out completely or show more of them.

    Bottom Right – Pretty flowers but I don't like the house in the background.

    For flowers I usually try to get right up on top of them and fill the image with the flower and blur out the rest of the background. This can be achieved by focusing on the flower in the foreground, getting closer to it physically and trying a bunch of shots.

    But pretty good for your first go round.

  2. Thanks Drew! That's what I needed. I can't get better unless you tell me what to fix. Some pink and white tulips came up now, so my goal is take some pictures of those this week. 🙂

  3. You have nice shoot. I have some orchid at my home, white,purple, orchid. Nice to look our garden keep green. Lets keep our planet green.

  4. Can't help you on the photo side of things but they look good to me. Looks like the yellow flowers in the top picture are Dandelions which are a nuisance weed at this time of the year. The blue flowers are Grape Hyacinths and the rest are Tulips I think.

  5. Beautiful in my opinion, but I'm no grand photographer. I love to play taking pics but actually just ditched the idea of getting an SLR (Nikon d80) because I was afraid to commit that kind of money to lug around a camera case and lots of lenses (even more money). Kudos on the pics and the heart to learn the SLR and photography skills.

  6. Nice start, I like top and bottom left images the most.

    Would be great if you did a follow up post implementing the suggestions from the comments.

  7. I think top left is closest at getting a great shot. I think ideally you just need a little more light and a longer lens would help as well.

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