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Campbell Brown: Cutting Through The Bull

Now, you can tell that I don't like Gov. Palin on this blog.  However, she is a human being, and she does have family and friends.  I am just floored about how horrible McCain's aides are being towards her.  When I came across this video from Campbell Brown, I found myself applauding. She states exactly what I have been thinking — if Palin was that stupid or that bad, why on gods green earth did they pick her for being VP. Somebody screwed up then, and it wasn't Sarah Palin. I cannot believe some of the crazy stories that have been put out there. To be honest, I don't think Sarah Palin was the demise of John McCain (though she didn't help). I think his age and his voting record (voting with Bush 90% of the time) was the problem. Watch this video and let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Campbell Brown: Cutting Through The Bull

  1. The rumors are just ridiculous. The aides are complete cowards for releasing "information" and not standing behind what they say. I switched my vote from McCain to Obama about 6 weeks before the election, and even I don't believe she's as ignorant as the media has made her out to be. You don't get to be a governor of a state, even Alaska, by being an idiot.

  2. It was really disheartening to hear all that AFTER the fact. I just love Campbell Brown though, and when I saw this live I was like HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!!!!!!

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