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Ever play CandyLand? If so, you'll love this awesome take on a classic game we've all played and loved.

You start playing by drawing cards and moving on the board. However, as you pass other players along the board, you get to take a shot at them. This gets assessed as damage on a gingerbread status sheet. Fill up all 6 damage boxes on a limb – and rip it off. Yep, you rip it off. Let me tell you — my kids LOVED it. The giggled and cheered when they got to do it. To help you along the way, you can earn ‘Special Treat' cards, special attacks and defenses like, “Candy Caning” (two shots to each leg), “Ginger Snap” (tear off a damaged arm and smack 'em with it) or equiping yourself with a ranged weapon like “Licorice Whip”. Yes, I giggled when I heard all those terms too. 🙂 You can also be called into a ‘Candy Cage Match' space by another player. There you will exchange blow after blow, taking hit after hit and dishing out the same until one of you is able to escape the match with a final parting shot. The final deadly gauntlet to run before you escape the land is called The Twins. You have to pass by them with at least one gingerbread piece left to win the game.

Yes, this game is as crazy as it sounds. However, it is a ton of fun and I think I enjoyed it as much as my kids! We'll be ordering our own copy of Candyman soon!

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  1. I loved this game growing up! Haha…the "Special Treat" cards sound like a hoot! My nephew is going to get a kick out of this. Thanks for sharing.

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