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Care Bears: Share A Lot in Care A Lot

I love that Care Bear has been revived for my kids to enjoy also!  Care Bears were one of my favorite things to watch as a kid and Madison enjoys it too!  Care Bears:  Share A Lot in Care A Lot is the latest in Care Bear DVDs.  This DVD features a new friend too:  McKenna and also features 8 new never been seen episodes from the new Care Bears series.  Of course, the DVD is mom friendly and even has Direct Play (it starts automagically without having to go to the main menu and hit play).  The 8 episodes are all about caring and sharing — whether it's welcoming Grizzle or helping Harmony overcome her fears.

This is a DVD that has gotten a lot of play at my house.  I think Madison can relate to a lot of the themes and it is entertaining.  Care Bears:  Share A Lot in Care A Lot is definitely a movie the little girl in your life would love.

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3 thoughts on “Care Bears: Share A Lot in Care A Lot

  1. It looks as though the Care Bears have changed since I was a kid! But, of course, still as cute and kid-friendly than ever! I can’t wait to share this with my niece!

  2. Every time I see all these old cartoons it's like traveling back in time… and for a minute I feel like I'm just a little girl again 🙂

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