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Carpet Fresh

carpet-freshCarpet Fresh is must have for any moms out there with carpet.  Having just gone through a round of the flu here at my house, Carpet Fresh was definitely a life saver.  Carpet Fresh is an odor eliminator which is exactly what we needed before we left for Disney World  .  Nothing would have been worse than to come home (aff) to a house that smelled like puke.  However, we had used Carpet Fresh before we left, and our house smelled great when we came home (aff).

This light, quick drying foam dries in minutes which is great if you have little ones like me or even pets, and that you don't need to run your vacuum.  I love that it didn't leave a residue at all too.  You can even use this on things besides carpets like drapes, car interiors, etc.

What mom can't use a cleaning item that just requires you to spray and walk away?  I know I can use that even when my kids aren't sick.  However, Carpet Fresh worked in the worst of cirsumstances for us, so I know that it will work for our every day needs.

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