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Cars 2: Ride with Mater

Cars 2 (aff): Ride with Mater has to be one of the coolest books ever. Not only is it a book, but it also comes with software that allows you to see augmented reality. All you need is a computer and a webcam!

Now you can read Ride with Mater like a regular book (which on its own is a great book). However, if you want a little different experience, load the software. You'll find pages throughout the book that have special AR (augmented reality) instructions. Then you just follow those instructions and hold the relevant card in front of the camera until it activities. Your favorite Cars characters will now appear on your screen. I even have to admit that this was pretty cool, and my kids absolutely loved it.

If you have a Cars 2 (aff) fan, this is a much get book for under the tree!

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