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Cars 2: The Video Game

Since seeing Cars 2 (aff), my daughter has been begging to play Cars 2: The Video Game. The game allows you to jump into the race and into exotic locations throughout the world. Players can choose to play as Mater and Lightning McQueen (as well as several of the new characters but who wouldn't want to be Mater?). You get to train in the international training center and become a world class spy (aff) too! You can take on dangerous missions, race, or use your spy (aff) skills in combat racing and battle arenas (my personal favorite).

Cars 2 (aff) is a great takeoff off the movie. I love that not only can you be our old favorites but you can pick some of the newer characters. You've got 20 choices, so you can have your favorite character! You can also connect with the World Of Cars Online. This is a free virtual world based on the Cars universe. You can get rewards there that transfer to your game. You can play up to 4 players.

Cars 2 does have a ten and up rating. However, Madison was able to play it pretty well. We had some great battles together. It's a great spin off of the movie and I recommend getting it for the Cars 2 fan in your life.

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