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The Case of the Crooked Carnival

Have you heard of Drake Doyle and Neil Fossey? If not, they are science super sleuths. The Case of the Crooked Carnival is just their newest case. In this book they have several cases to solve: Are ghosts and ghouls keeping Edgar Glum awake? Have aliens invaded Mossy Swamp? What’s the crooked game everyone’s losing at the carnival? And why is the town bridge going bananas? Kids will have fun following the clues—and learning about such real scientific principles as amplification, ecosystems, magnetic fields, and more. Plus, Doyles and Fosseys will find actual experiments to try!

I like this book. The chapters are pretty short, so they hold Madison's attention (they run about 4 pages). They use words she can read herself too (she's six, so we are just learning to read). However, our favorite part (besides solving the cases of course) has to be the Activities and Experiments for Super Scientists Chapter. This chapter shows you, the reader, how to do some of the experiments you read about! I loved how this book makes science both fun and interesting!

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