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CAT Preschool Toys

I am always on the lookout for great, durable toys for Will.  At 4, it isn't always easy to find something that he won't manage to break in 5 minutes and still likes.  Plus, he's all boy.  We have lots of girl toys (due to Madison), and it is great to introduce new toys into our house that are more “boy” oriented.  We recently were able to review 2 of the new CAT preschool products.  Can I start by telling you I loved them both?

First, we got to try out the CAT Flashlight & Night Light.  LOVE THIS!  Sorry, I had to scream that, but this is one of those most get toys that actually have a practical purpose.  First, this flashlight can take a lickin' and keeping on ticking.  The flashlight turns on by gripping the handle.  The button on top sounds the horn, and the button on the side turn on the “nightlight”.  This is so easy to use that my 3 year old has no problems using this.  The night light feature is awesome, because it makes Will's room not so dark and he is more comfortable in his roof.  I cannot wait to take this camping in October with us!

We also were able to try out the CAT Take-A-Part Machines.  This comes with a kid size power drill (just like daddy's!), and you are able to remove the screws and take off the tires, cab, dump bed, and blade too!  It is just as easy to take apart as it is to put back together!!  Again, this was super easy for Will to play with.  Plus, he now has his own drill to use on other things too!

I am impressed with CAT toys.  They are high quality, don't break or fall apart easily, and are super fun.  My kids (both the 4 and 7 year old) like to play with them.


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