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Cell phone missing: Reward

I am seriously the only person who can go to only 2 (aff) places and lose her cell phone!  Seriously.  I took Will to Grandma's house on Friday, and the uniform store with Madison.  That's it!  I've retraced all of my steps and dug under all my seats in the van, and my phone is nowhere.

I had a Samsung Instinct that I got in October.  I loved my phone — it was touch screen and very easy to use.  I have to admit that Bill took my lost phone well.  I figured he was going to be mad, but he handled it quite well and told me to get a new one.

My other saving grace is that I got a phone call last week asking me if I wanted to upgrade my phone since I was due to get $150 off any upgrade I did.  At the time, I said no since I was happy with my phone.  However, this came in extremely handy.

We spent the weekend looking for my phone (and never did find it).  Sunday morning I went to the Sprint store and got myself a Blackberry Curve.  I am still in the process of trying to figure it out.  If there are any apps I must get, let me know so I can download them.  I added twitterberry, but I haven't quite figured out how to use it.  I did already download some ringtones.

A special thanks goes out to a lot of the people on Twitter who gave me some great cell phone advice and definitely made me confident in choosing a Blackberry Curve.  (Now, I just have to learn to use it).

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2 thoughts on “Cell phone missing: Reward

  1. Good luck with the Curve! Twitterberry is a good one, there's also a Facebook application, and I can't think of what else I had off-hand. I got quite addicted to Brick Breaker though. 😉

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