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Cell Phones

Want to know what I think is really weird? If not, I guess you could stop reading now. 🙂 If you do, well, keep reading. 🙂

Ok, Sprint bought Nextel. You would think this would be one company. It is not. They are running it as two separate companies. Why do I think this? Bill is a project manager and currently is working at a hospital. He recently got a new phone. His other phone was a Nextel phone. This is a Sprint phone that can be used on the Nextel network. He gets different cell reception now. Before, his phone never worked in the hospital. Now, it isn't a problem. I can't figure out why they are doing this. I am guessing it would cost too much.

One thought on “Cell Phones

  1. This would not be the first time that the US Telcos have done something weird. They are always doing it and none of it makes sense!

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